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How to configure a 2nd drive in RH8 to use a different datastore (NFS)

We have a VMware 6.7 environment and in this environment we have mostly RedHat linux machines. All RH VM's are on a Windows AD domain. We have one VM which uses pretty much an entire datastore as the 2nd drive (LVM). I have never seen this done and I am looking for a start to finish guide on how I accomplish this. Right from creating the datastore to creating the 2nd drive.

From what I gather these are the rudimentary steps and I am probably missing a lot:

- Create an NFS datastore in VMware (pay attention to NFS version needed, is Kerberos needed)

- Create a vmdk file on the new datastore with vmkfstools

- add a drive to the Linux VM and use the previously created vmdk file

Note we use LVM. Possibly there are a few things I missed or should include. The only way I have found to create the vmdk alone is with vmfstools.

Any thoughts?


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