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How many VMS of 32GB RAM can I create and host using ESXi 5.0 ?

I have purchased VMWARE ESXI 5.0 and VSphere Server 5.0. ESXI is hosted on the server with 32 GB RAM. Using VSphere Client, how many VMs can I host and Run simultaneously on ESXI. I want to create VMs with 32 GB RAM. Does this affect performance ? Physical RAM of the server on which ESXi is hosted is 32 GB.

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Not possible to run any guest os of 32 GIG Mem under esxi host as host does also need some resources to run the OS and other tasks.

No of vms depends on the vm resource provisioning. etc. I would say a maximum of about 15-16 guests at 2GB RAM each (assuming none of them need more than 2GB, of course).

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Hi there,

you can not physically oversubscribe the memory - refer to my article to how much memory you should have free in order to run without any memory reclamation techniques or in the worst case swapping https://vmxp.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/how-much-memory-should-be-free-for-vmkernel/

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