How can I remove performance caps from SCP on ESXi hosts?

I have several Mac Pro 6,1 systems running 6.7u3 fully patched and I'd really like to be able to SCP the contents of VM directories off of these servers at a decent speed.  My scenario is to copy the contents onto an encrypted APFS formatted SSD attached to a macOS machine so that I can transport VM's to another site.  There appears to be an artificial cap on SCP performance, as even on a complete unloaded 12 core Xeon machine, it is not possible to get anywhere near line speed on 10Gbe - really it is more like a bit under 1Gb/s.  I googled around and found occasional questions about this but no real satisfactory answer so I figured I'd try here.

As an alternative I tried the the download from server feature in Fusion Pro.  It is is completely broken for downloading macOS VM's.  It is glacially slow regardless of whether you're moving a macOS VM or Windows or Linux VM, so it does not solve my problem.  It also breaks macOS VM's so they no longer work if you then upload them back to an ESXi host.

For bonus points, I'd love to do this without converting thin provisioned disks to thick but I will definitely accept that hit if I can move 1000MB/s instead of somewhere around 100.

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This will not work because the busybox within ESXi get only limited resources. Also the standard "copy" functions as scp will not perform very well on VMFS.  So if OVF export will not work i suggest that you present an NFS to ESXi and than use the VM clone in vCenter or vmkfstools -i in out on the command line to copy *.vmdk from the local Datastore to the NFS.