How can I export a list of physical hardware for hosts?

I have a large vCenter Farm and what we are looking to do is Export a list of the Physical hardware that the ESX software is installed on. When I look at each server I can see the information so I know vCenter has it, and when I try to export each machine it sends it to a txt file. I am looking to get a CSV file with every host in the environment. Is there a way I can do this?

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If you have PowerCLI installed you can achieve this by executing;

Connect-VIServer ""

Get-VMHost | Select Name,Manufacturer,Model,NumCpu,CpuTotalMhz,ProcessorType,MemoryTotalGB | Export-CSV "C:\_admin\vmhosts.csv" -NoTypeInformation

If you wanted all of the properties of the hosts you can just use:

Get-VMHost | Export-CSV "C:\_admin\vmhosts.csv" -NoTypeInformation

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