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Host connection failure - ESX 6.7

Host connection failure (Event IDs) 6070554 and 608233, 608188, 608150

We see these alerts generating constantly (happens every few mins) , every single night, and nothing in the logs that would indicate what is causing the problem, no backups occurring, log entries are empty and all of the sudden VMs showing as disconnecting, then host not responding, then the disconnect, then sometime later, often times within seconds, but other times up to 40 minutes later, I see "Established a connection".. 

I don't believe the VMs or the host are actually disconnecting from the network, otherwise, we would see other alerts triggered from our monitoring system that has hooks directly into the guest OS and would text our support staff.

We recently upgraded our vCenter installations from 6.0 to  6.7 and still having the issues. Anyone else having this issue with 6.7?

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