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Host Profile error "Balanced" CPU policy not supported by system

Recently while working with a new set of BL460c Gen9 blades, I ran into this issue on some of the blades, but not all of them. Since they were ordered as several separate orders, it is not unusual to have some minor differences. For example, some came with SSDs local for the OS, and some came with a pair of mirrored drives.

This error (shown in screenshot) appeared when trying to apply a host profile. We're not using any autoprovisioning, which is a topic that comes up if you search on VMware KB. This is a simple host profile.


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After investigation, it seems that the profile (because of the blade I pulled it from) was set to use a "balanced" power plan and for some reason (probably a BIOS setting) some of the blades would not accept that setting. Remember, in VMware profiles there are 4 settings for this feature;

  • Balanced Power and Performance
  • Minimum Power Usage
  • Maximum Performance
  • Custom

These can be manually modified by editing the Host Profile by going to "Edit Host Profile" then Power System/CPU Policy and selecting what you want. To resolve this issue, I selected "High Performance" which is what we generally use regardless. After making this change, the profile applied without any issue. I'm posting this because when searching the error, there was no clear applicable information in the KB and maybe this can help someone else.


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