Host Memory Status on some ESXi - False error

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First, sorry for my bad English, I'm a French user.

So, my problem is the following :

I manage different VMware / Vcenter with some ESXi on each platform.

Sometimes, an alert is up for the ESXi but not for all, it's random.

The alert is : host memory status and it's red.

My ask is : How can I correct the alert ?

Complementary information : the alert are false because on the configuration tab, I can see that the memory usage is low (35% approximately).

The alert wake up on random ESXi.

My ESXi version is 5.5.0

BIOS version is P89.

I can't join a screen for security reason ,but this threat is similar :ESXi 5.5.0 Host memory status alert (but for me, it's a red alert).

However, I read some topics about this problem but none of them helped me Smiley Sad

Thanks you for your help !


For resolving the problem, I try to reset sensors, restart on the server, acknowledge/clear the alarm but she comes backs etc...

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1. In the Hardware status tab of vSphere client select system event log and in the reset event log select update.

Now Reset the sensors (and even the host if you can do it) may fix your problem.

2. Otherwise you can reset watchdog service in a SSH access by running following command

/etc/init.d/sfcbd-watchdog restart

and click update in alert tab again.

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Hello There,

These Memory errors are Hardware issues, sometime these can resolve by reseating the Bad DIMM(RAM) to the same slot. Sometimes changing the slot (In HPE servers there is a sequence of inserting DIMM to DIMM Slots according to Processors A and B)

For resolution you must need to log case with vendor either the DIMM is faulty so it will re-appear after changing the slot as well, so they have to replace this bad DIMM. Either theycan ask you to upgrade your BIOS or Firmware depending on your hardware.

Check how much RAM is there on your physcial server and how much is the ESXi host able to detect? If its low then DIMM is faulty. And RAM is showing correct then check with your hardware vendor . And if you are proficient in Hardware and know the RAM slot sequence you can either try re-seating the DIMM to other or same slot.

NOTE: Before doing this make sure there are no VMs on host and it must be in maintenance mode.

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