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HomeLab - Proliant DL20 shuts down after a few minutes on esxi 7.0u1

I have a homelab with a HPE Proliant DL20 Gen10. 32GB Ram, and a Xeon E-2124

It's been running esxi free 6.7 ga just fine for a couple of months. I decided to upgrade to 7.0u1.

I know some hardware in here is not on the HCL. There is a SATA SSD (business grade but not HPE), and a AData XPG 1TB NVME SSD (have the ILO card with dedicated NVME slot).

After upgrading (esxcli profile), I got back into my esxi host, but the NVME SSD was missing. I figured out this was due to the NVME driver for esxi being changed in 6.7u1. I can work around that.

However the issue I can't work around, is that ESXI just shuts down the DL20 host after a couple of minutes. I hear the fans spin up louder, and then in the ALT-F12 logs I see services stopping, and the machine powers off.

If I go back to 6.7 GA (and I think even 6.7u1, don't remember for sure I tried a lot of stuff), it works fine.

Any thoughts on what might be happening?

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