Help upgrading VSphere Essentials 5.0 to 5.5

I have a bit of a tricky scenario. We currently have VSphere Essentials 5.0 managing two esxi hosts running esxi 5.0. and 12 virtual machines

We manage them using the VSphere client version 5.0.0 running on a Windows 7 box ( and this configuration is not supported).

I'd like to transfer the VSphere client management role to a Windows Server 2012 box so we will be running in a supported configuration, and at the same time upgrade to 5.5 if possible.

Since there is no supported upgrade or migration path for the 5.0 VSphere Client running on the Windows 7 box, can we clean install the 5.5 VSphere client on the Server 2012 box and migrate management of the esxi hosts over to that? Or are there configuration files and settings we would be missing from the Windows 7 box?



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Can I assuming that when you say you're running vSphere Client on Windows 7 you're talking about running the vCenter Server on Windows 7 ? Because running just the vSphere Client on Windows 7 is supported.

So, assuming you're really talking about the vCenter Server, you can just build a new vCenter Server on Windows Server 2012 and move your vSphere ESXi hosts to the new vCenter Server, see the following KB article for details: VMware KB: Moving a managed ESXi/ESX host from one vCenter Server to another vCenter Server


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