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Help configuring passthru gfx card


I have installed a ESXi 7 with a guest vm under Windows 10 to play /test some games. I added a NVIDIA quadro on my esx.

What I suceeded to do :

- Install the quadro

- Add pci to my vm and have under guest device manager the quadro (using the nvidia drivers)

I add hypervisor.cpuid.v0=FALSE to the configuration of the Windows 10 VM

What is strange / need help

-Under my guest W10, inside device manager I see the QUADRO card AND the svga card (can I remove the last one, I try to remove with svga.present=FALSE but after W10 don"t boot)

- When I restart my guest, the QUADRO is lost under guest OS, I need to restart ESXi and reconfigure PCI devices (each guest boot, It's not very good !!)

- When I launch a 'small game' like Siberia (less FPS). It's very slow, not normal with the Quadro, It's like SVGA card, but device manager see the Quadro!! strange !!!

- In the VM configuration - graphic card I activate the 3D support, is it necessary when having QUADRO hardware ?

What are my mistakes in configuration ?

any help ?



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