Hardware monitoring is not available [ESXi 5.x]

Hi There,

I have two servers running ESXi 5.0 and it was all okay until a there was a power cut. However, to power off the servers during the time even though the servers on a UPS, I wasn't available to do so.

Leaving those apart, now out of the two servers one neither updates any information on the hardware status nor it shows the host memory and CPU consumption. I have not changed any services are far as I remember the and firewall is disabled on vcenter, also its on the same network as there are no DMZ.

What my question is that can I remove the host and re-add it back while guest VMs are switched on? Because, it shows that it is not under maintenance mode in order to do so. What can I do to this?

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Please provide the vcenter logs

To collect the diagnostic information for VMware vCenter Server 4.x and above:

  1. Log in to the Windows server where VMware vCenter Server is installed.
  2. Click Start > All Programs > VMware > Generate vCenter Server log bundle - Extended or Start > All Programs > VMware >vCenter Server> Generate vCenter Server log bundle.

    Note: In Windows 2008 R2, use Run As Administrator.

  3. A command prompt window appears and shows the log collection progress.
    When complete, the command prompt window closes. A log bundle is placed on the desktop of the current user, named with the current date and time. For example:

Collecting diagnostic information from vCenter 5.x Server Appliance using a web browser

To collect diagnostic information from the vCenter 5.x Server Appliance (VCSA) using a web browser:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to:


  2. Log in with your credentials or as the local administrator.
  3. Click the vCenter Server tab.
  4. Click the Status tab.
  5. Click the Download vCenter Server Support Bundle link.
    After completing, the support bundle is located on the VCSA at:

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