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HPE SSA .vib for ESXi 8.0U2


I built virtulization server for ESXi out of some older hardware. It should be all compatible with V8.0U2, so I installed it.

I ran into a problem with HP SAS Raid controller (HPE P410) as I have no way of parametering it or checking if it detects drives. Controller is detected fine and it appears in the vSphere web interface, but drives connected to it are not being detected there and I do not have much more troubleshooting grounds. And while it is not in the HPE motherboard, there is no POST utility. After looking thru documentation, I found there is .vib for ESXi with CLI parametrization utility. However everywhere I looked there was only .vib for V6.5 and older.

Does anybody please know if I can either use the older one or if the one for 8.0 exists?

There is some LiveCD from HP to manage the servers which should help as well, but that just sounds inconvinient to use and all download links from HP I tried are broken.

Thanks and best regards

Vit Soucek

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

In my opinion you can use it, install and try.

Also you can find the newer versions here but you should check about supported controller:


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