HP - Remote ILO Config vai Console

So in ESX 3.5 I've been able to use the HPONCFG RPM to script changes to the ILO when (for what ever reason) I've needed to change the ILO IP or reset the user ID and password.

Now it seems in ESX 4, the hponcfg no longer works. I'm using the "hponcfg-1.6.0-1.linux.rpm" and when I run the package, "rpm -ivh hponcfg-1.6.0-1.linux.rpm" I get an arror saying: "Failed Dependencies: hprsm is needed by hponcfg-1.6.0-1.i386"

After an hour with HP on the phone, the only answer I got was that HP doesn't support remote ILO config or scripting in ESX 4.

Has anyone else gotten around this? There's a newer version of hponcfg for Linux that i've downloaded but haven't tried yet. This will wind up being a major sticking point if I cant fix ILO's remotely like we used to be able to.


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