HP Management Agents, D2700 Disk Shelf

Hi all

Implementing HP's D2700 disk shelf as an addon for some vSphere 4.0U3 hosts running on HP ML350G6 units, we use HP Management Agents v8.7.0 for alerting, the agents are configured to send traps to a vCenter where the Openview agent picks the traps up.

The shelves are connected via a P812 raid controller.

However, any failures on the D2700's are not sending traps as expected, I've reinstalled the agents in case they need to pick up the new hardware but...

We ran some tests, pulling a psu from the ML350 - trap generated

Pulling a psu from the D2700 does not generate a trap

The messages log shows hpasmlited detecting the psu failure on the ML350

The log then shows cmaeventd detecting a psu failure on the D2700 but no trap raised.

If a disk is pulled from the array, cmaidad logs this into messages but again, no trap sent

cmaeventd and cmaidad log back to messages when the issues are resolved

So I suspect its that hpasmlited is actually sending the traps but cmaeventd and cmaidad are not feeding into hpasmlited therefore no traps raised.

SNMP is working quite happily...

Any thoughts on this?


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