HP EVA SAN, Qlogic HBA and SAN Switch Speed - No Accessible Lun Issue

Hello Good Community.

Seeking more infomation here.

I have recently deployed a HP EVA and ESX 4.0 environment. Just tiddying up now and want to implement a fix for "No Accessible LUN" problem the client says is common in VMware and HP EVA environments.

The fix in VI3 was to set the Qlogic HBA mode to Point-to-Piont and then set the speed for the SAN FC Switch (Cisco) 2gb, 4gb, 8gb. This avoids the error and need to issue: . esxcfg-rescan vmhba[http://0...n|http://0...n] or rescan from VI Client.

Firstly, I am new to this problem and am looking for something to back to this up, more info or a knowledge base article and I cannot locate.

Secondly, is this still needed in ESX 4.0 with the various storage improvements?

Thank you.

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