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HP BL460c Gen9 - Increasing MTU to 9000 causes NIC3 to go down state

I have an issue with a new deployment of ESXi 6 U2 on to new HP BL460c gen9 blades. They have 20 GIG 650 FLP Network cards.

They are configured with Flex Fabric with:

nic0 - 1gig - standard switch

nic1 - 1 gig - standard switch

nic2 - 10 gig - Distributed switch

nic3 - 10 gig - Distributed switch

When the MTU is increased on the distributed switch to 9000, nic3 goes into a down state on reboot. If the nic is manually downed and up at the console goes into an up state for some time.

Has any one seen a similar issue?  There are no issues when the MTU is 1500.

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