Firmware update on 10 Gbe Broadcom 57810 Duplicate MAC address


So I have never had this issue and I am hoping there is someone out there that has had this.

we recently installed a 2 node ESXi 5.5U2 cluster. Each node (Dell R515) has 2 Broadcom 57810 DP 10Gbe cards installed (on each physical card 1 port VM network, 1 port iSCSI). Doing firmware updates through Unified server configuration, first host updated, rebooted no issue. Second host bombed out during the firmware download, so reboot and restart the process, firmware installs. Once up and running i tried to migrate vms to first host and got an error about storage. Take a look at the network adapters and both ports used for iSCSI report down. Checked the physical switch, no issue. Plug a device directly into the "failed ports" no life. The only symptom i can see is that the ports list identical MAC addresses, not only in ESXi but in server configuration and in the network card bios settings (ctrl-S). So example both ports on card 1 list 00:AA:BB:CC:01 and card 2 port ports list 00:AA:BB:CC:05.

i have never had this before and its odd that it is both iSCSI ports on the card, the other port is up. Logging a call with dell, and i have read up on updating the nic drivers with in ESXi. So i will try that tomorrow. but if anyone has an idea what is going on i would appreciate it.

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