Failed to upgrade ESXi to 6.7 (Build 8169922)

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ESXi (6.5.0 Build 5310538) is installed on a 500GB HDD, and when I try to upgrade it o 6.7 the progress failed with some errors messages.

esxcli software profile update -d -p ESXi-6.7.0-8169922-standard


Failed updating the bootloader: Execution of command /usr/lib/vmware/bootloader-installer/install-bootloader failed: non-zero code returned

return code: 1

output: ERROR: object '/lib/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

Traceback (most recent call last):

   File "/usr/lib/vmware/bootloader-installer/install-bootloader", line 31, in <module>

     import vmkctl


       vibs = VMware_bootbank_esx-base_6.7.0-0.0.8169922

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Check if some filesystem is not suffer lack of space:

#> vdf -h

It could be related with VM Tools vib. Download it manually, install and then try to upgrade host.

#> esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e true -r httpClient

#> cd /tmp/

#> wget

#> esxcli software vib install -f -v /tmp/VMware_locker_tools-light_10.2.0.7253323-8169922.vib

#> esxcli software profile update -d -p ESXi-6.7.0-8169922-standard

#> esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e false -r httpClient



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Tardisk                  Space      Used

sb.v00                    169M      169M

s.v00                     310M      310M

net55_r8.t00                4M        4M

ata_liba.v00              296K      294K

ata_pata.v00               48K       45K

ata_pata.v01               32K       28K

ata_pata.v02               36K       32K

ata_pata.v03               36K       32K

ata_pata.v04               40K       36K

ata_pata.v05               36K       32K

ata_pata.v06               32K       28K

ata_pata.v07               36K       32K

block_cc.v00               88K       85K

char_ran.v00               52K       48K

ehci_ehc.v00               92K       91K

elxnet.v00                596K      594K

hid_hid.v00                64K       60K

i40en.v00                 444K      440K

igbn.v00                  328K      327K

ima_qla4.v00                1M        1M

ipmi_ipm.v00               44K       40K

ipmi_ipm.v01               84K       80K

ipmi_ipm.v02              104K      100K

ixgben.v00                412K      411K

lpfc.v00                    2M        2M

lsi_mr3.v00               328K      325K

lsi_msgp.v00              488K      485K

lsi_msgp.v01              496K      493K

misc_cni.v00               24K       22K

misc_dri.v00                1M        1M

mtip32xx.v00              252K      248K

ne1000.v00                632K      629K

nenic.v00                 208K      204K

net_bnx2.v00              284K      281K

net_bnx2.v01                2M        2M

net_cdc_.v00               28K       25K

net_cnic.v00              148K      145K

net_e100.v00              312K      310K

net_e100.v01              352K      351K

net_enic.v00              172K      168K

net_fcoe.v00               80K       79K

net_forc.v00              128K      125K

net_igb.v00               324K      321K

net_ixgb.v00              412K      409K

net_libf.v00               76K       75K

net_mlx4.v00              356K      353K

net_mlx4.v01              240K      236K

net_nx_n.v00                1M        1M

net_tg3.v00               316K      315K

net_usbn.v00               56K       53K

net_vmxn.v00              108K      104K

nhpsa.v00                 560K      557K

nmlx4_co.v00              668K      665K

nmlx4_en.v00              692K      688K

nmlx4_rd.v00              256K      252K

nmlx5_co.v00              556K      552K

ntg3.v00                  112K      108K

nvme.v00                  256K      254K

nvmxnet3.v00              160K      156K

ohci_usb.v00               64K       60K

pvscsi.v00                 72K       68K

qedentv.v00                 4M        4M

qfle3.v00                   1M        1M

qflge.v00                 496K      493K

qlnative.v00                2M        2M

sata_ahc.v00               84K       80K

sata_ata.v00               60K       59K

sata_sat.v00               68K       65K

sata_sat.v01               48K       44K

sata_sat.v02               48K       44K

sata_sat.v03               36K       32K

sata_sat.v04               32K       28K

scsi_aac.v00              176K      174K

scsi_adp.v00              448K      444K

scsi_aic.v00              296K      292K

scsi_bnx.v00              284K      280K

scsi_bnx.v01              204K      203K

scsi_fni.v00              240K      236K

scsi_hps.v00              212K      209K

scsi_ips.v00              104K      100K

scsi_isc.v00               44K       42K

scsi_lib.v00              212K      211K

scsi_meg.v00               96K       92K

scsi_meg.v01              176K      173K

scsi_meg.v02               96K       93K

scsi_mpt.v00              460K      457K

scsi_mpt.v01              504K      500K

scsi_mpt.v02              428K      424K

scsi_qla.v00              288K      284K

shim_isc.v00               16K       15K

shim_isc.v01               16K       15K

shim_lib.v00               44K       43K

shim_lib.v01               44K       43K

shim_lib.v02               24K       20K

shim_lib.v03               24K       20K

shim_lib.v04               12K        9K

shim_lib.v05               12K        9K

shim_vmk.v00              220K      217K

shim_vmk.v01              232K      228K

shim_vmk.v02              236K      232K

uhci_usb.v00               64K       60K

usb_stor.v00              164K      160K

usbcore_.v00              316K      312K

vmkata.v00                772K      771K

vmkplexe.v00               48K       46K

vmkusb.v00                  1M        1M

vmw_ahci.v00              264K      262K

xhci_xhc.v00              236K      232K

emulex_e.v00               28K       25K

weaselin.t00                4M        4M

esx_dvfi.v00              456K      452K

esx_ui.v00                 12M       12M

lsu_hp_h.v00              104K      101K

lsu_lsi_.v00              264K      261K

lsu_lsi_.v01              480K      477K

lsu_lsi_.v02              264K      261K

lsu_lsi_.v03              560K      557K

native_m.v00              748K      744K

rste.v00                  824K      820K

vmware_e.v00              112K      108K

vsan.v00                   38M       38M

vsanheal.v00                7M        7M

vsanmgmt.v00               12M       12M

xorg.v00                    3M        3M

imgdb.tgz                   1M        1M

state.tgz                  20K       18K


Ramdisk                   Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on

root                       32M        4M       27M  12% --

etc                        28M      204K       27M   0% --

opt                        32M        0B       32M   0% --

var                        48M      332K       47M   0% --

tmp                       256M       12K      255M   0% --

iofilters                  32M        0B       32M   0% --

hostdstats                114M        2M      111M   1% --

Installation Result

   Message: Host is not changed.

   Reboot Required: false

   VIBs Installed:

   VIBs Removed:

   VIBs Skipped: VMware_locker_tools-light_10.2.0.7253323-8169922

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