Errors in Active Directory operations


Before posted I reached page 20 of google search results.

Trying to join my esxi 6.7 host to AD. Previously was joined to another domain that's no longer alive.

From vCenter or vSphere I get a cryptic message "The host failed to join the domain .... Errors in Active Directory operations"

From cli I get:

Error: LW_ERROR_KRB5_ASN1_BAD_TIMEFORMAT [code 0x0000a2e5]

ASN.1 failed call to system time library


I checked the time format compared with AD server and are the same. Not really sure what this message means. Maybe a kerberos issues. Any ideas?

The host is registered in my DNS, it has the proper DNA IP and NTP, AD service is running on the esxi host and all necessary posts are open between esxi and AD.

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