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Error message on esxi 7.0

Hi all

I'm very new to esxi.

Running esxi 7.0 on an i9 10900 cpu with 32gb ram.

6 VMs - 2x Windows server, 2x Windows 10 Pro, 1x pfsense and 1x freenas

1x windows server is dhcp dns

1x windows server is iis and spare for other services

1x windows 10 is torrent and plex

1x windows 10 is home automation

Pfsense vm has 2 ethernet ports passed through (for wan and lan)

The freenas vm has integrated sata controller passed through which holds 1x 5tb hdd. (I had to manually map this controller to make it available for passthrough) 

Everything was working great on Friday.

I went away for the weekend and came back to a non-functioning network.

After a reboot and a few hours of not doing anything things started working again.

Today I shut down all the vms in order to turn the power off for some electrical work and suddenly lost connection to esxi.

My desktop and esxi are connected by ethernet to the same switch. Both on static IPs, same subnet etc.

Looked at the esxi host screen and got the error message attached.

Haven't turned power on yet, as work is ongoing. But hopefully should self resolve once I do.

Would like some input as to what the error message is. No idea where to begin. Any help would be great.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Does it have enough disk space?

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