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Efficient way to mesure disk MB/s ?

I suspect that our vm windows 10 run  tree time slower than windows server 2008/201 so I'm trying to mesure IOPS but the result vary with the tool i use.

we are ESXI 6.0.0 and vmfs 5.

for exemple on windows 10 if i use DiskSpd with this command.

diskspd -b8K -d30 -o4 -t8 -h -r -w25 -L -Z1G -c10G C:\IODatat.dat > C:\IOResults.log

the result look like this:


184MB/s look not that dramatique for users but if i try copy paste the 10Giga file in windows the performance look way differente with a big drop at start sometime it can performe about 50Mib/s.


In the other side if i do the test on my laptop explorer copy look faster than the test DiskSpd.



1-so how can we explain such difference?

2-  this mesure are made in modern dell esx (empty) vmfs 5 free partition on a vmax full flash with 10GB fiber.

my sentiment is that MB/s should be really faster than this like (600/800MBs) on any tool what in your idea is a realistic speed on those vm  ??

3- some of you observed that server 2008/2016 performe  IOPS tree time faster than desktop distribution ?.

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