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ESXi5.0 storage networking to MD3220i

ESXi5.0 storage networking to MD3220i

So in looking at this, I realized I really dont have redundant paths.

So I starting working on it but when we removed the primary link, the secondary did not take over. Also the reverse turned out to be true.

Current.png is setup today.

Details.png are the details.

Drawing2.pdf is the basic layout.

Spanning tree is enabled and blocks the secondary port as expected.

There are 4 port available to each ESXi server. 2 data and 2 iSCSI.

I am thinking vSwitch is NOT config'd correctly for fail over.

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Ok -

Check the link below and some of my quick notes.  You will want to separate each uplink on different port groups.

You will want a single vSwitch with 2 VMkernal port groups.  (2 vSwitches with 1 VMkernal port group works fine too)

When you create your switch use the 2 uplinks you picked earlier (vmnic2 and vmnic3)

Create 2 VMkernal port groups with unique IP's.

Example:      iSCSI-01  and iSCSI-02

Assign to iSCSI-01 and another ip, to iSCSI-02.

Make sure your array knows about both of these IP's.

Only assign one of the uplinks as active to each port group and the other one as unused.

Assign the opposites for the other port groups.

Override switch failover and assign vmnics as such.

Example:     iSCSI-01 would have vmnic2 as active and vmnic3 as unused.

                    iSCSI-02 would have vmnic3 as active and vmnic2 as unused.       

Check this quick document-


Check Nash's video on it at Pluralsight if you have an account.  If not try it for free.  Awesome training.

VMware vSphere Optimize & Scale: Storage & Networking

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