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ESXi5.0 3D hardware support?


Newbie to the ESXi and VM world so please excuse if this is a simple/silly question.

I am currently using ESXi 5.0 on a AMD E-350 based system.

I wanted to know is it possible under ESXi to use the hardware 3d card?

While deciding on how to setup the new system I read that ESXi 5.0 did support 3d.

I have modified the vmx file to enable 3dsupport. But is this software or hardware based 3d support?

I have installed a Windows XP client (willing to go linux if required etc) and all that I want this client to do is run the Folding @ Home GPU software.

I have other VM's running S2008R2 and WHS2011 working perfectly.

Being able to enable this will complete my original ideas for this system.

Thank you


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