ESXi4.1 Server Does Not Have Persistent Storage - HP Gen8 Blades

Hey All,

We recently installed 5 HP BL460c Gen8 blades into our C7000 chassis. We configured them in the HP Virtual Connect in the same fashion that we had done for our G6 and G7 blades. Everything there looks good. We then installed the HP-supplied version of ESXi 4.1 U2 (dated June 4, 2012), however when we add the hosts to vCenter the storage adapters don't seem to come in correctly. The blade's internal drive with its Smart Array P220i grabs vmhba0, while the HP Fiber Channel RAID Controller grabs vmhba1 and vmhba2 (see screenshot).

G8 Storage Adapters.JPG

On the G6 and G7 blades, the HP RAID Controller grabs vmhba0 and 1 and the Smart Array grabs vmhba2 (see screenshot).

G7 Storage Adapters.JPG

I've seen old posts about outdated drivers causing similar issues when upgrading to ESX4, but we have the latest drivers and firmware installed. Is there a way to correct this? All of the G8 blades came in like this and none of them can see anything other than their own internal storage. Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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