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ESXi vlans and relation to Switch


Hi everyone... this is what I have to work with...

I have a DL380 G10 host with esxi 6.7 hpe image.

I have a 3com switch 48 port with support for 802.1q and vlans in general...

The specifications for the project call for 4 vlans as described in the image and the presence of those vlans also in the vms inside the host.

Since I never treated vlans since I'm really kind of a noob when it comes to high level networking I thought I would ask you guys...

It's also for me for the future to understand what I'm doing...

I originally thought to do something like in the picture to have 2 uplinks to the switch for redundacy  for each vlan but it occurred to me that it's probably not needed...

if I only do 2 I should be able to tag the uplinks to work as trunks (forgive me if I use incorrect terms and please DO correct me) to carry all VLANs to the phisical switch...

What should I do? please help Smiley Sad

thanks a lot! Fabio

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