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ESXi install on RAID1 not recognizing mirror with onboard hardware RAID sata controller

99% sure my controller is hardware based configured in the BIOS.

I have a Lenovo P500.    ESXi sees 2 individual disks during install.    I proceed with a single selection and upon first reboot it notes volume0 degraded.    Seems ESXi sees it after the install but not during.   

Secondly I am installing 2 x 800GB SSDs RAID1 with the intention of partitioning for the creation of vdevs for TrueNAS Core and a few others VMs.    Can I resize afterwards or should I pre-partition the RAID1 (not sure if pre-partitioning is possible, it's not an option in the Intel RSTe bios).

***I found a dual M.2 to 2.5" SATA RAID adapter but still have the partition problem.   ESXi recognizes the SSD as 1 partition even though I pre-partitioned it beforehand.

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