ESXi: how can I check ECC RAM status?

I have ECC-RAM, CPU with ECC-support and motherboard with ECC-support. All supported by ESXi (on HCL). But how can I check this functionality? I mean, is there any way to see how many errors were detected (and hopefully corrected)?

Linux-kernel has a module for this, and a few utilities which can report number of RAM-errors since the last boot-up. Is there anything similar in ESXi?

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If nothing in logs you can try with esxcfg-info even in "esxcli hardware memory " not much information available.

if you are using hp may be ilo can also help ... if you would like to check the hardware status, HP smartstart is also good tool ...

only get is available

~ # esxcli hardware memory

Usage: esxcli hardware memory {cmd} [cmd options]

Available Commands:

  get                   Get information about memory.

~ #

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