ESXi & Storage Server 2012 - Slow NFS Writes, but Reads are fine?

Hello all,

I have a Virtual Storage Server 2012 joined to a domain inside my ESXi Host. I have 4 x 1TB in RDM Configuration attached to the storage server. Within Storage Server I have created 2 NFS shares - One for ISO's, the other to store my VM Templates. I have added the 2 NFS shares to the ESXi host and it all looks great. That is until I try to write to the shares.

I was able to install a Win7 VM from one of the ISO files within the NFS share at a very good rate. Reading the share seems to be absolutely fine as the VM was built and ready in reasonable time, however when I try to create Templates of VM's to be transferred into the Templates NFS Share, I get about 3MB throughput and around 750mins estimated completion time from ESXi which is obviously not good.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Before running Storage Server 2012 I was using FreeNas, and had a similar issue. So something within the ESXi host needs changing maybe?

Any ideas?


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