ESXi + NVidia M10 32GB + ? + VMs with non pass-through vGPU purpose


I have a hardware server that is spec'ed to accept two PCIe3 x16 cards for vGPU cards.  I would like to buy an NVidia Tesla M10 with 32GB of DDR5 as a starter card to get the setup right before buying the second one.  Then, I would like to setup multiple Win10 VMs but NOT Pass-through.  I would like to have each VM use a 1, 2, 3 or 4 GB profile.  IDK the size yet as I need to test what is minimally needed.  What I have described is the two end pieces of the setup as a whole...

[M10 hardware] - [ESXi with NVidia driver] - [?] - [many vGPU desktop VMs that are not pass-through]

My confusion is, what is NEEDED in the middle there?  I have seen the words "requires Horizon" as well as not seen that.  Horizon is $3100 which makes my personal server desire a cost blocker where it wouldn't be worth even trying this ($6-7K).  What is minimally needed?  Thank you for your time, you are appreciated!

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