ESXi Installation on Flash Drive

Hello all,

I am at a loss here. I installed ESXi 7 on a Samsung Fit USB 32 GB flash drive. It ran my Intel NUC 10 just fine for lab purposes. I'm wanting to blow away this installation and just start from scratch, but it seems that something is locked on the flash drive. Here is what I have tried:

1) Using a Linux live CD to use gparted

2) Using a Linux live CD to use the dd command to overwrite the drive

3) Using diskpart in windows

4) Using a slew of 3rd party utilites I found while googling the issue including Acronis Disk Director, EaseUS Partition Manager, and many others

5) Using Rufus to format the drive and turn it into a bootable iso for ESXi

Nothing seems to work. There are 2 x 4 GB partitions on the drive, one of them named "LOCKER" that I just cannot delete. I simply want to delete everything on the flash drive in order to reinstall a fresh copy of ESXi. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Mount the ISO image of ESXi to server and boot the server using ESXi image, follow the instruction on screen it will ask you the path where to install the ESXi select the USB during installation it will erase all the data on USB if it's a new installation and will create new filesystem.


Noor Alam
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