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ESXi Hyper-V 7.0.2 Cant file upload over network


I got a issue with my ESXi, that I can NOT transfer large files over the network. Error i get is that "the designated server isnt available & to make sure Im connected to the network, please try again".

My setup is like this:

Client -> FW -> ESXi Guests (ADDC, Filesrv etc).

Each guest server has its own vlan which the FW controls traffic/access.

I have tried this without the FW and its the same issue. Downloading from the ESXi guests works like a charm, but its the upload thats causing the issue. Im using SMB & have shared a folder from the file server with correct rights etc, the speed goes up and down all the time, from 40 mb/s to 110 and then all of a sudden it goes to 0 and after a few minutes it gives me mentioned error. This doesnt happen all the time but 3 of 5 attempts and size doesnt matter.

BUT it works if I connect a external HDD to ESXi -> mount it on the guest -> share it on the network -> file transfer to the HDD

My question is, have anyone had this issue before? Or it feels similar? Anything that can be tweaked in the ESXi? Change the raid type etc? 😕

I hope i made it clear enough 🙂


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