ESXi - How to monitor traffic with port mirroring the most using security onion?

ESXi – how to use security onion to access my home/host network packets

 This post might be redundent with another i just posted, but the subject is different. I just wanted to ask a different way.    

Hi, I am using ESXi 7. I uploaded an OVF of a security onion VM I created. I setup switch nd a port group. The goal is to monitor my home/host all network packets comming and going through my network.

  I think I am at the point where i just need to access my switch using security onion for port mirroring. How to monitor traffic with port mirroring the most efficient and latest way? 

  I looked at this "  14.50 ". This is were needs to use D-Link to make the connection from security onion to my host network. My question is, there must be other ways to setup this connection WITHOUT D-Link? 

  thanks for any advice or suggestions

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