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ESXi 6 P2V Port Forwarding Issue

I have recently setup ESXi 6 and used a P2V convertor to create my virtual machines on my Host server.

So in my simple mind I kept everything the same - being the server structure and internal IP address.

My Host running esxi is internal address and my physical server had an ip address of

After converting I switched my physical box off and run my VM all good!!!

NOW - ALL of my port forwarding rules DO NOT WORK!

I see that my VM has the same internal address as my old physical box and port 80 as well as port 22 fail to work.

So I don't get what is missing!? Surely the VM has the same internal address and the port 80 traffic should be sent there!>??? But NO!

Internally everything is just fine!

It seems as though the Host ip ( doesn't bridge or connect the virtual machine ( for port forwarding.

YES I have done the obvious..delete the PF rukes and recreate as well as flush the MAC address tables etc.

Any advice would be great guys 🙂

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can you please explain your problem in short .

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