ESXi 6.7 - MAC address with DHCP client

Good afternoon,

I have ESXi 6.7 and a VM with two network adapters (one adapter connected to vSwitch0 = NAT, VM Network and one adapter connected to vSwitch1 = internal switch).

With the default settings the ESXi generates a random MAC address to the adapter connected to the "NAT" VM network from the range "00:0C:29:xx:xx:xx" and gets an IP address via DHCP from my home router. When I manually set a MAC address for the "NAT" VM network adapter the DHCP client does not retrieve an IP address from my home router.

I have powershell scripts that set up my virtualized environment and I want to be able to automate the VM provisioning process including IP address so that a VM A always gets IP address A.A.A.A on its "NAT" VM network adapter and VM B always gets IP address B.B.B.B on its "NAT" VM network adapter.

What I want to do is assign a fixed MAC address (i.e. not randomized by ESXi) to the "NAT" VM network adapter so that I don't have to manually modify the DHCP to MAC address binding in my router every time I spin up a VM.

I appreciate any help.

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