ESXi 6.0 Error Input/Output error during read on.... Unable to commit to disk

Hello I'm confused about this error, what should I do? I'm using ibm x3550 m4. Thanks before that

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Have you run any test on whichever disk that relates to?

Have you checked that the controller is supported by ESXi?

Are you aware that 6.0 is end of life and no longer supported or updated?


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If you have access to the ESXi Host you could get a DSA (HW and Software logs) to verify if the problem is HW or Software (VMware).

Attached is a link where you can get the DSA from the actual computer manufacturer (Lenovo).

From a Windows PC where under the DSA you should run from the command line the following:

lnvgy_utl_dsa_dsala7k-10.5_portable_windows_x86-64.exe --vmware-esxi

yyyyyy is the root passsword is the ip of the ESXi Host

A Lenovo Support directory will be created on the C drive of the PC, please zip this directory.


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