ESXi 6.0.0 - - SW FCoE adapter after reboot disappear

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Hi Guys,

i have DELL FX2s with 4x FC630

FN2210S adapters (QLogic 57840) - v 1.713.10.v60v4, b:2494858, if 9.2 - feb 8 2016 (FCoE software adapter)

4x ESXi 6.0.0 4600944

i have a same problem on all of 4 server nodes.

for example. esx1 has 8 datasoteres, which are connected with vmnic2+vmnic3 (FCoE sw adapter) when i reboot the host, the FCoE software adapters

suddenly disappears. same situation on 4 nodes... so after every reboot i need manualy add FCoE sw adapter.

any advices guys ???

thx very much !

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Hello, I'm hitting this same issue. Website referenced in the link seems to be offline. Do you remember what the fix was?

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