ESXi 5 Multiple hosts crash


I experienced a very strange issue this week and I am trying to get to the bottom of it.

At 10:07 we lost pretty much all virtual infrastructure, on our monitoring kit/syslogs etc some events were generated, but as the syslog server was virtual this was pretty much stopped as soon as the issue happened.

I have multiple ESX clusters with one of them having quite recent hardware (IBM Bladecentre with HS23 blades)  All 6 hosts in this cluster had PSOD.  Obviously all guest VMs where unavailable also.

The guys onsite eventually figured out what was happening and bounced all the servers.  I was out on a customer site so did not investigate until well after the event.  the guys who saw the PSOD both tell me that the PSOD mentioned something about a log being full.  I have checked out the dump log and cant find any reference to this.

Here is the crash log around the event,

2012-10-16T09:07:18.364Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607858:[0x418023a9b0ec]Util_Udelay@vmkernel#nover+0x2f stack: 0x412200010000

2012-10-16T09:07:18.365Z cpu24:4120)0x4122006078a8:[0x418024045a56]_be_mpu_post_wrb_ring@<None>#<None>+0xed stack: 0x4122ffffffff

2012-10-16T09:07:18.365Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607908:[0x4180240428e9]be_function_post_mcc_wrb@<None>#<None>+0x128 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:18.365Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607998:[0x418024043aaf]be_eq_modify_delay@<None>#<None>+0x156 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:18.366Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607ad8:[0x418024039efd]rate_timer_func@<None>#<None>+0x360 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:18.366Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607b78:[0x418023a96e12]Timer_BHHandler@vmkernel#nover+0x225 stack: 0xfffc01000000df

2012-10-16T09:07:18.367Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607bb8:[0x418023a1890d]BH_Check@vmkernel#nover+0x80 stack: 0x4122ffffffff

2012-10-16T09:07:18.367Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607bf8:[0x418023a4221d]IDT_HandleInterrupt@vmkernel#nover+0x13c stack: 0x418046000140

2012-10-16T09:07:18.368Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607c18:[0x418023a42a7d]IDT_IntrHandler@vmkernel#nover+0xa4 stack: 0x412200607d28

2012-10-16T09:07:18.368Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607c28:[0x418023af2047]gate_entry@vmkernel#nover+0x46 stack: 0x4018

2012-10-16T09:07:18.368Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607d28:[0x418023d00281]Power_HaltPCPU@vmkernel#nover+0x274 stack: 0x206a8148a83722

2012-10-16T09:07:18.369Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607e58:[0x418023bf05fa]CpuSchedIdleLoopInt@vmkernel#nover+0xb3d stack: 0x412200607e98

2012-10-16T09:07:18.369Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607e68:[0x418023bf75f6]CpuSched_IdleLoop@vmkernel#nover+0x15 stack: 0x28

2012-10-16T09:07:18.370Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607e98:[0x418023a4631e]Init_SlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x13d stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:18.370Z cpu24:4120)0x412200607fe8:[0x418023d06479]SMPSlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x310 stack: 0x0

[31;1m2012-10-16T09:07:21.363Z cpu20:3901569)ALERT: Heartbeat: 618: PCPU 13 didn't have a heartbeat for 8 seconds. *may* be locked up[0m

[31;1m2012-10-16T09:07:21.363Z cpu13:4134)ALERT: NMI: 1943: NMI IPI received. Was eip(base):ebp:cs [0x3023e6(0x418023a00000):0x412200987f10:0x4010](Src 0x1, CPU13)[0m

2012-10-16T09:07:21.364Z cpu13:4134)0x412200987f10:[0x418023d023e6]PowerSetPStateAnyPCPU@vmkernel#nover+0xf9 stack: 0x18

2012-10-16T09:07:21.365Z cpu13:4134)0x412200987f40:[0x418023d51b88]VMKAcpiStateNotifyHandler@vmkernel#nover+0xcb stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:21.365Z cpu13:4134)0x412200987f60:[0x418023d1a028]AcpiEvNotifyDispatch@vmkernel#nover+0x63 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:21.365Z cpu13:4134)0x412200987ff0:[0x418023a3e2ef]helpFunc@vmkernel#nover+0x54e stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:21.366Z cpu13:4134)0x412200987ff8:[0x0]<unknown> stack: 0x0

[31;1m2012-10-16T09:07:27.363Z cpu4:4523330)ALERT: Heartbeat: 618: PCPU 18 didn't have a heartbeat for 8 seconds. *may* be locked up[0m

[31;1m2012-10-16T09:07:27.363Z cpu18:4155)ALERT: NMI: 1943: NMI IPI received. Was eip(base):ebp:cs [0x4c04da(0x418023a00000):0x412200ec7dd0:0x4010](Src 0x1, CPU18)[0m

2012-10-16T09:07:27.364Z cpu18:4155)0x412200ec7dd0:[0x418023ec04da]__raw_spin_failed@com.vmware.driverAPI#9.2+0x1 stack: 0x410000000001

2012-10-16T09:07:27.365Z cpu18:4155)0x412200ec7e10:[0x41802403c52d]be_get_stats@<None>#<None>+0x94 stack: 0x410005aa0000

2012-10-16T09:07:27.365Z cpu18:4155)0x412200ec7e30:[0x41802403ca88]benet_get_stats@<None>#<None>+0x63 stack: 0x412200ec7e80

2012-10-16T09:07:27.365Z cpu18:4155)0x412200ec7f20:[0x418023ecc1f5]GetDeviceStats@com.vmware.driverAPI#9.2+0x50 stack: 0x410009239168

2012-10-16T09:07:27.366Z cpu18:4155)0x412200ec7f60:[0x418023b85c2b]UplinkAsyncProcessCallsHelperCB@vmkernel#nover+0x122 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:27.366Z cpu18:4155)0x412200ec7ff0:[0x418023a3e2ef]helpFunc@vmkernel#nover+0x54e stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:27.367Z cpu18:4155)0x412200ec7ff8:[0x0]<unknown> stack: 0x0

[31;1m2012-10-16T09:07:32.363Z cpu28:4124)ALERT: Heartbeat: 618: PCPU 24 didn't have a heartbeat for 21 seconds. *may* be locked up[0m

[31;1m2012-10-16T09:07:32.363Z cpu24:4120)ALERT: NMI: 1915: NMI IPI recvd. We Halt. eip(base):ebp:cs [0x9b0ec(0x418023a00000):0x412200607858:0x4010](Src0x1, CPU24)[0m

2012-10-16T09:07:32.363Z cpu28:4124)World: 7145: PRDA 0x418047000000 ss 0x0 ds 0x4018 es 0x4018 fs 0x4018 gs 0x4018

2012-10-16T09:07:32.363Z cpu28:4124)World: 7147: TR 0x110 GDT 0x41220071f000 (0x401f) IDT 0x418023af4000 (0xfff)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.403Z cpu28:4124)Panic: 835: Saved backtrace: pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI

2012-10-16T09:07:32.404Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607858:[0x418023a9b0ec]Util_Udelay@vmkernel#nover+0x2f stack: 0x4122

2012-10-16T09:07:32.404Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x4122006078a8:[0x418024045a56]_be_mpu_post_wrb_ring@<None>#<None>+0xed stac

2012-10-16T09:07:32.405Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607908:[0x4180240428e9]be_function_post_mcc_wrb@<None>#<None>+0x128

2012-10-16T09:07:32.405Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607998:[0x418024043aaf]be_eq_modify_delay@<None>#<None>+0x156 stack:

2012-10-16T09:07:32.406Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607ad8:[0x418024039efd]rate_timer_func@<None>#<None>+0x360 stack: 0x

2012-10-16T09:07:32.406Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607b78:[0x418023a96e12]Timer_BHHandler@vmkernel#nover+0x225 stack: 0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.407Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607bb8:[0x418023a1890d]BH_Check@vmkernel#nover+0x80 stack: 0x4122fff

2012-10-16T09:07:32.407Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607bf8:[0x418023a4221d]IDT_HandleInterrupt@vmkernel#nover+0x13c stac

2012-10-16T09:07:32.408Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607c18:[0x418023a42a7d]IDT_IntrHandler@vmkernel#nover+0xa4 stack: 0x

2012-10-16T09:07:32.408Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607c28:[0x418023af2047]gate_entry@vmkernel#nover+0x46 stack: 0x4018,

2012-10-16T09:07:32.409Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607d28:[0x418023d00281]Power_HaltPCPU@vmkernel#nover+0x274 stack: 0x

2012-10-16T09:07:32.409Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607e58:[0x418023bf05fa]CpuSchedIdleLoopInt@vmkernel#nover+0xb3d stac

2012-10-16T09:07:32.410Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607e68:[0x418023bf75f6]CpuSched_IdleLoop@vmkernel#nover+0x15 stack:

2012-10-16T09:07:32.410Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607e98:[0x418023a4631e]Init_SlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x13d stack: 0x

2012-10-16T09:07:32.411Z cpu28:4124)pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI: 0x412200607fe8:[0x418023d06479]SMPSlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x310 stack: 0x0,

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)[45m[33;1mVMware ESXi 5.0.0 [Releasebuild-768111 x86_64][0m

PCPU 24: no heartbeat (but 2/2 IPIs received).

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)cr0=0x80010039 cr2=0x0 cr3=0x10d000 cr4=0x216c

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:0 world:2841010 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:1 world:4097 name:"idle1" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:2 world:1744551 name:"vmm0:server06.domain.local" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:3 world:4165861 name:"vmx" (U)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:4 world:3244326 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:5 world:4101 name:"idle5" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:6 world:3244324 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:7 world:4523330 name:"vmm0:fli-ips02.domain.local" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:8 world:3842033 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:9 world:4105 name:"idle9" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:10 world:2841008 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:11 world:3907678 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:12 world:3846127 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:13 world:4134 name:"helper0-0" (SH)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:14 world:3265111 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:15 world:3899488 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:16 world:4112 name:"idle16" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:17 world:4113 name:"idle17" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:18 world:4155 name:"helper12-0" (SH)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:19 world:4115 name:"idle19" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:20 world:4116 name:"idle20" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:21 world:4117 name:"idle21" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:22 world:4118 name:"idle22" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:23 world:4119 name:"idle23" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:24 world:4120 name:"idle24" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:25 world:4121 name:"idle25" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:26 world:3901569 name:"" (V)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:27 world:4123 name:"idle27" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:28 world:4124 name:"idle28" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:29 world:4125 name:"idle29" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:30 world:4126 name:"idle30" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)pcpu:31 world:4127 name:"idle31" (IS)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)@BlueScreen: PCPU 24: no heartbeat (but 2/2 IPIs received).

2012-10-16T09:07:32.429Z cpu28:4124)Code start: 0x418023a00000 VMK uptime: 52:19:16:13.591

2012-10-16T09:07:32.430Z cpu28:4124)Saved backtrace from: pcpu 24 Heartbeat NMI

2012-10-16T09:07:32.430Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607858:[0x418023a9b0ec]Util_Udelay@vmkernel#nover+0x2f stack: 0x412200010000

2012-10-16T09:07:32.431Z cpu28:4124)0x4122006078a8:[0x418024045a56]_be_mpu_post_wrb_ring@<None>#<None>+0xed stack: 0x4122ffffffff

2012-10-16T09:07:32.432Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607908:[0x4180240428e9]be_function_post_mcc_wrb@<None>#<None>+0x128 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.433Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607998:[0x418024043aaf]be_eq_modify_delay@<None>#<None>+0x156 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.434Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607ad8:[0x418024039efd]rate_timer_func@<None>#<None>+0x360 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.434Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607b78:[0x418023a96e12]Timer_BHHandler@vmkernel#nover+0x225 stack: 0xfffc01000000df

2012-10-16T09:07:32.435Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607bb8:[0x418023a1890d]BH_Check@vmkernel#nover+0x80 stack: 0x4122ffffffff

2012-10-16T09:07:32.436Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607bf8:[0x418023a4221d]IDT_HandleInterrupt@vmkernel#nover+0x13c stack: 0x418046000140

2012-10-16T09:07:32.437Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607c18:[0x418023a42a7d]IDT_IntrHandler@vmkernel#nover+0xa4 stack: 0x412200607d28

2012-10-16T09:07:32.438Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607c28:[0x418023af2047]gate_entry@vmkernel#nover+0x46 stack: 0x4018

2012-10-16T09:07:32.438Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607d28:[0x418023d00281]Power_HaltPCPU@vmkernel#nover+0x274 stack: 0x206a8148a83722

2012-10-16T09:07:32.439Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607e58:[0x418023bf05fa]CpuSchedIdleLoopInt@vmkernel#nover+0xb3d stack: 0x412200607e98

2012-10-16T09:07:32.440Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607e68:[0x418023bf75f6]CpuSched_IdleLoop@vmkernel#nover+0x15 stack: 0x28

2012-10-16T09:07:32.441Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607e98:[0x418023a4631e]Init_SlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x13d stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.442Z cpu28:4124)0x412200607fe8:[0x418023d06479]SMPSlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x310 stack: 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.450Z cpu28:4124)base fs=0x0 gs=0x418047000000 Kgs=0x0

2012-10-01T18:17:33.919Z cpu5:4965)ScsiDeviceIO: 3081: Failed write command to write-quiesced partition naa.60050768028104d2200000000000000e:1

2012-10-16T09:07:32.363Z cpu28:4124)Heartbeat: 618: PCPU 24 didn't have a heartbeat for 21 seconds. *may* be locked up

2012-10-16T09:07:27.363Z cpu18:4155)NMI: 1943: NMI IPI received. Was eip(base):ebp:cs [0x4c04da(0x418023a00000):0x412200ec7dd0:0x4010](Src 0x1, CPU18)

2012-10-16T09:07:27.363Z cpu4:4523330)Heartbeat: 618: PCPU 18 didn't have a heartbeat for 8 seconds. *may* be locked up

2012-10-16T09:07:21.363Z cpu13:4134)NMI: 1943: NMI IPI received. Was eip(base):ebp:cs [0x3023e6(0x418023a00000):0x412200987f10:0x4010](Src 0x1, CPU13)

2012-10-16T09:07:21.363Z cpu20:3901569)Heartbeat: 618: PCPU 13 didn't have a heartbeat for 8 seconds. *may* be locked up

2012-10-16T09:07:18.363Z cpu24:4120)NMI: 1943: NMI IPI received. Was eip(base):ebp:cs [0x9b0ec(0x418023a00000):0x412200607858:0x4010](Src 0x1, CPU24)

2012-10-16T09:07:32.453Z cpu28:4124)Backtrace for current CPU #28, worldID=4124, ebp=0x412200707a68

2012-10-16T09:07:32.454Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707a68:[0x418023a6d0c8]Panic_WithBacktrace@vmkernel#nover+0xa3 stack: 0x412200707ad8, 0x9a0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.454Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707ad8:[0x418023cd9bd7]Heartbeat_DetectCPULockups@vmkernel#nover+0x2be stack: 0x0, 0x410005

2012-10-16T09:07:32.455Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707b78:[0x418023a96df7]Timer_BHHandler@vmkernel#nover+0x20a stack: 0xfffc01000000df, 0xdf,

2012-10-16T09:07:32.455Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707bb8:[0x418023a1890d]BH_Check@vmkernel#nover+0x80 stack: 0x4122ffffffff, 0x412200707cc0,

2012-10-16T09:07:32.456Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707bf8:[0x418023a4221d]IDT_HandleInterrupt@vmkernel#nover+0x13c stack: 0x418047000140, 0x0,

2012-10-16T09:07:32.456Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707c18:[0x418023a42a7d]IDT_IntrHandler@vmkernel#nover+0xa4 stack: 0x412200707d28, 0x418023d

2012-10-16T09:07:32.457Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707c28:[0x418023af2047]gate_entry@vmkernel#nover+0x46 stack: 0x4018, 0x4018, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.457Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707d28:[0x418023d00281]Power_HaltPCPU@vmkernel#nover+0x274 stack: 0x206a8b6ea74972, 0x206a8

2012-10-16T09:07:32.458Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707e58:[0x418023bf05fa]CpuSchedIdleLoopInt@vmkernel#nover+0xb3d stack: 0x412200707e98, 0x41

2012-10-16T09:07:32.458Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707e68:[0x418023bf75f6]CpuSched_IdleLoop@vmkernel#nover+0x15 stack: 0x2c, 0x1c, 0x0, 0x2c,

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707e98:[0x418023a4631e]Init_SlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x13d stack: 0x0, 0x200000000, 0x0, 0x

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)0x412200707fe8:[0x418023d06479]SMPSlaveIdle@vmkernel#nover+0x310 stack: 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmkernel             0x0 .data 0x0 .bss 0x0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)procfs               0x418023e9b000 .data 0x417fe3efc000 .bss 0x417fe3efc220

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmkplexer            0x418023e9e000 .data 0x417fe3efd040 .bss 0x417fe3efd4e0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmklinux_9           0x418023ea2000 .data 0x417fe3eff080 .bss 0x417fe3f0d340

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmklinux_9_2_0_0     0x418023f15000 .data 0x417fe3f120c0 .bss 0x417fe3f1c868

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)tpm_tis              0x418023f16000 .data 0x417fe3f1d0e0 .bss 0x417fe3f1d300

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)random               0x418023f19000 .data 0x417fe3f1e140 .bss 0x417fe3f1e880

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)usb                  0x418023f1d000 .data 0x417fe3f22160 .bss 0x417fe3f24100

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)ehci-hcd             0x418023f3a000 .data 0x417fe3f251a0 .bss 0x417fe3f256a0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)hid                  0x418023f44000 .data 0x417fe3f261c0 .bss 0x417fe3f267c0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)dm                   0x418023f49000 .data 0x417fe3f27200 .bss 0x417fe3f27200

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)nmp                  0x418023f4b000 .data 0x417fe3f28240 .bss 0x417fe3f2bd20

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmw_satp_local       0x418023f6b000 .data 0x417fe3f2c260 .bss 0x417fe3f2c2b0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmw_satp_default_aa  0x418023f6d000 .data 0x417fe3f2d270 .bss 0x417fe3f2d270

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmw_psp_lib          0x418023f6e000 .data 0x417fe3f2e280 .bss 0x417fe3f2e610

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmw_psp_fixed        0x418023f70000 .data 0x417fe3f2f290 .bss 0x417fe3f2f290

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmw_psp_rr           0x418023f72000 .data 0x417fe3f302a0 .bss 0x417fe3f30330

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmw_psp_mru          0x418023f75000 .data 0x417fe3f312b0 .bss 0x417fe3f312b0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)libata               0x418023f77000 .data 0x417fe3f322c0 .bss 0x417fe3f35ba0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)usb-storage          0x418023f96000 .data 0x417fe3f36300 .bss 0x417fe3f3ac40

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vfat                 0x418023fa2000 .data 0x417fe3f3c340 .bss 0x417fe3f3e3c0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vprobe               0x418023fab000 .data 0x417fe3f3f380 .bss 0x417fe3f4b200

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmci                 0x418023fdc000 .data 0x417fe3f793c0 .bss 0x417fe3f7e380

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)iscsi_trans          0x418023ffc000 .data 0x417fe3f7f400 .bss 0x417fe3f80820

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)etherswitch          0x418024007000 .data 0x417fe3f81440 .bss 0x417fe3f91360

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)netsched             0x41802402a000 .data 0x417fe3f92480 .bss 0x417fe3f95400

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)cnic_register        0x418024030000 .data 0x417fe3f964c0 .bss 0x417fe3f96760

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)be2net               0x418024032000 .data 0x417fe3f974e0 .bss 0x417fe3f983c0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)usbnet               0x418024055000 .data 0x417fe3f9b520 .bss 0x417fe3f9bbe0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)cdc_ether            0x41802405a000 .data 0x417fe3f9c540 .bss 0x417fe3f9c8e0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)iscsi_linux          0x41802405c000 .data 0x417fe3f9d580 .bss 0x417fe3f9e040

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)libfc                0x41802405f000 .data 0x417fe3f9e5a0 .bss 0x417fe3f9f560

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)libfcoe              0x418024079000 .data 0x417fe3fa05e0 .bss 0x417fe3fa0900

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)mpt2sas              0x41802407f000 .data 0x417fe3fa1600 .bss 0x417fe3fa2760

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)lpfc820              0x4180240a8000 .data 0x417fe3fa3640 .bss 0x417fe3fb2d80

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)lvmdriver            0x418024165000 .data 0x417fe3fb3680 .bss 0x417fe3fb6480

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)deltadisk            0x418024179000 .data 0x417fe3fb86c0 .bss 0x417fe3fbbac0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)multiextent          0x418024195000 .data 0x417fe3fbc700 .bss 0x417fe3fbc780

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)vmw_satp_svc         0x418024197000 .data 0x417fe3fbd710 .bss 0x417fe3fbd718

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)heartbeat            0x418024199000 .data 0x417fe3fbe740 .bss 0x417fe3fcd400

2012-10-16T09:07:32.459Z cpu28:4124)shaper               0x4180241a9000 .data 0x417fe3fcd780 .bss 0x417fe3fd1400

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)cdp                  0x4180241af000 .data 0x417fe3fd17c0 .bss 0x417fe3fe1280

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)ipfix                0x4180241c2000 .data 0x417fe3fe1800 .bss 0x417fe3fefd00

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)fence_overlay        0x4180241d1000 .data 0x417fe3ff0840 .bss 0x417fe3ff0c50

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)tcpip3               0x4180241da000 .data 0x417fe3ff1880 .bss 0x417fe3ff9fe0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)dvsdev               0x418024289000 .data 0x417fe400e8c0 .bss 0x417fe400e900

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)dvfilter             0x41802428c000 .data 0x417fe400f900 .bss 0x417fe4010800

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)esxfw                0x41802429e000 .data 0x417fe4011940 .bss 0x417fe4020d00

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)vmkapei              0x4180242b0000 .data 0x417fe4021980 .bss 0x417fe4021ae0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)vmkibft              0x4180242b5000 .data 0x417fe40229a0 .bss 0x417fe4025be0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)vmfs3                0x4180242b8000 .data 0x417fe4026a00 .bss 0x417fe4027560

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)nfsclient            0x418024305000 .data 0x417fe4028a40 .bss 0x417fe402c100

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)ipmi_msghandler      0x418024321000 .data 0x417fe402ca80 .bss 0x417fe402d260

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)ipmi_si_drv          0x41802432a000 .data 0x417fe402daa0 .bss 0x417fe402e360

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)ipmi_devintf         0x418024334000 .data 0x417fe402eae0 .bss 0x417fe402eda0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)vmkstatelogger       0x418024337000 .data 0x417fe402fb00 .bss 0x417fe4032fe0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)migrate              0x418024354000 .data 0x417fe4033b40 .bss 0x417fe40387e0

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)cbt                  0x41802439e000 .data 0x417fe4039b80 .bss 0x417fe4039c00

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)svmmirror            0x4180243a0000 .data 0x417fe403abc0 .bss 0x417fe403ac40

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)hbr_filter           0x4180243a4000 .data 0x417fe403bc00 .bss 0x417fe403bd40

2012-10-16T09:07:32.460Z cpu28:4124)vmw_satp_lsi         0x4180243c1000 .data 0x417fe4040c40 .bss 0x417fe4040dc8

Coredump to disk.

I have raised an incident with support who have come back to me saying that its probably donw to the Be2Net driver (Emulex 10GbE NIC)

I am not disagreeing with them, but find it a little suspicous that a driver could cause 6 servers to all crash at the exact same moment and also in the dump log i see PCPU errors, so how could the physical CPU affect the NIC?

The servers were installed using the IBM version of ESXi5 and they are patched to 768111 (At the time, been brought to 821926 now) all other hosts in the same bladecentre (HS22's) did not have any issue.

Any thoughts please?


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yeah - I would like to second  that  a driver issue could not have all the hosts to panic at once -- I assume all these blades were part of the same chassis? then - I would like to suggests we check the chassis logs ..


~Sai Garimella

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There is nothing in the chassis logs, the bladecenter never had any issue detected/notified.

We did notice some loop back detection on other nodes of the network around the same time, but these were isolated by BPDU guard, but i am not sure if those were the sympton or the cause.

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Any further thoughts on this?

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can you check aam logs see if the hosts actually got isolated from the network?

~Sai Garimella

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Do you mean the AMM logs of the bladecenter?  If so then, there is nothing to suggest any issues on the bladecenter.

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no - the cluster logs on the host -- usually there are in aam*.log files in /var/log/vmware/

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Are these on each host?  all logs from the hosts are reset on reboot arent they?  I have the crash dump, which does not mention any disconnect.

Is there any logging on the VC?

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Hi all,

I have a similar problem.
We have ESXi Server with Purple Screen.
The server shows: PCPU 18: no heartbeat (but 2/2 IPIs received).

We install ESXi 5.0.0 RB: 515841 on IBM HS23 Blades.

The firmware is up to date on Balde and Balde Center H.
See screenshots in the appendix.

Does anyone have an idea?


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Hi Kvwm,

See below excerpt from my VMware ticket on this issue.  the chap from VMware could not tell me how/why 6 hsots can cause this crash, but he says to update the driver as per below.

2. The PSOD refers to be and benet which I know from experience are related to be2net driver. I am confident the Emulex OneConnect is the root cause.

To prevent a re-occurance upgrade the driver and firmware for the Emulex card

the latest driver can be downloaded here:

Upgrade the driver as per:

Engage the hardware vendor to update to the latest firmware version.

If you have no further questions, I will proceed to archive this case at close of business tomorrow.


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Hi singy2002,

thanks for the reply.

In the Blade is no 10GE NICs only 1GE NICs.

So I can not use the driver.

So my problem is not solved.

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Actually that was also my thought initially, the NIC assuming you also have the be2net NIC is actually a 10GB NIC but dumbs down to 1GB when connected to a 1GB bladecenter switch.

Run this command on your host - SSH

esxcfg-nics -l

you will see something like:

vmnic2  0000:16:00.04 be2net      Up   1000Mbps  Full   34:40:b5:e0:46:f2 1500   Emulex Corporation OneConnect 10Gb NIC (be3)
vmnic3  0000:16:00.05 be2net      Up   1000Mbps  Full   34:40:b5:e0:46:f6 1500   Emulex Corporation OneConnect 10Gb NIC (be3)

See last column with the hardware description

ethtool -i vmnic2 (Change 2 for VMNIC ID)

You will see something like:

~ # ethtool -i vmnic0
driver: be2net
version: 4.1.334.48
firmware-version: 4.1.455.2
bus-info: 0000:16:00.0

If your driver version is 4.1.334.0 then you have the same issue as I did and the NICs are 1

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i will test tomorrow
thank you

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just had something that looks like this issue simultaneously nuke 3 ibm hs22vs (10gb Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM57711 10 Gigabit Ethernet, bnx2x driver, vsphere build 623860). similar psod. servers chain rebooted for about an hour (a very long hour).

here's the catch... i also run an hp dl360 g7 blade chassis in the same vmware cluster, and two of those hosts also chain-psod'd at about the same time. psod for them was "no hearbeat received".

the hp blades use "Emulex Corporation NC553i 10Gb 2-port FlexFabric Converged Network Adapter"

~ # ethtool -i vmnic0
driver: be2net
version: 4.0.355.1
firmware-version: 4.1.450.7
bus-info: 0000:02:00.0

one common denominator is all these hosts were running citrix xendesktop windows 7 virtual desktops. due to previous crash issues i have a drs rule segragating all the virtual desktop vms onto these 5 hosts (3 ibm 2 hp), with another rule to keep all non-xendesktop machines off. All 5 virtual desktop hosts blew up, none of the virtual desktop hosts did.

the 2 hps might have been coincidence or overload-related when the ibms went down.

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i try now the IBM OEM ESXi installation image. (

In the Image ist the driver: be2net version: 4.1.334.48 inclustive.

Today i install all Host newly with this Image.

(I can use max ESXi 5.0.0 / 515841 compatibility to the Stroage is my problem here )

So i will see if it works (on the Hosts is no production)........ in the past the Host go after three days in pink screen.

I give you an update.....
Maybe you're trying to use the HP ESXi Image.
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so the ESXi Server run now 5 day without problems.

i think my problem is solved.

thank you.

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so the problem isn't solved.

after 9 day the esxi server lose their network connection. after a reboot the pink screen was displayed #PF Exception 14 in wold ...... (screenshot in the attachment)

the last thing i have done was install the esxi server IBM OEM ESXi installation image. (

so i open a ticket at vmware support. they told me i should install this two drivers

(singy2002 has told me the same Smiley Happy in a previous post / an yes in the blades have two 10GE Emulex NICs)

1)be2net for esx 5.x :



how to:

upgrade the driver as per:

using vmware update manager

i hope now the problem is solved

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Hi Everyone.

Right now I'm facing the same issue with a slight variation, not all my hosts got a PSOD but all of them got their respective vmnic disconnected, the platform is running on an IBM Bladecenter H, 6 HS23 blades (all of them with the Emulex UCN Adapter) only two switches for the first two onboard ports (the 10Gbps nics are disconnected all the time). But I've updated the be2net driver 5 days ago.

Now, my post goes a little further than the PSOD itself... with the two mentioned ports I've configured the virtual switch to use both ports but in the port group for the VM's I've selected the load balance policy of "Explicit failover" using vmnic2 as Active and vmnic3 as Standby, and the port group for Management network with the opposite configuration (Explicit failover using vmnic3 as active and vmnic2 as standby). In the chassis I have two IBM Server connectivity module each with one single group using the six external ports with LACP enabled. In the other end of the cables we have two cisco switches with an etherchannel configuration (one for one of the IBM SCM an one for the orher) this configuration works like a charm from 6 p.m. (around) until 8 a.m. (sharp) next morning and its unable to become stable until the next 6 p.m. cycle, one other thing is that if we use this configuration without any etherchannel grouping it works fine.

So any thought on this issue will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi Felipunk,

I know everyone says the first.
Do you have the latest firmware for the Emulex UCNA Installs.

What ESXi version you have installed and what patch level??

The latest firmware:
Emulex UCNA firmware update for VMware - 4.2.412.0 - Release IBM1206
Download: Network Adapter

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Hi kvwm.

As for the firmware that is th same version I have installed, in fact I've updated it because of this post. As for the esxi version I'm running 5.0 Update 1 (Build No. 623860).

Thanks for your attention, I'll look forward to any ideas!

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