ESXi 5 Host HP Custom Image update vs VUM patching

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quick question...

I am using several HP Proliant Hosts with HP custom image installed.

I am always Patching these Hosts only via VUM...

Patching the Host via VUM makes the Host up to date?

Or is it still required to upgrade Custom Images as well if HP has new Version released?

I am confused about what I have to-do to get Hosts up to date...

Newest HP Service Proliant Pack will be always used before OS patching...

Br Joerg

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HP Would release customized ISO only for major updates like Update 1, update 2 and so on.. For minor patches and security fixes, HP wouldn't release the customized iso's.

For minor patches, you might want to proceed patching with VUM. In case if there is any offline bundle or separate drivers or firmwares released for the devices, you might want them to add in the baseline and patch with VUM.

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Updates are cumulative. It includes set of patches released prior to it.

Only Updates from vendors are available as custom ISOs. Vendor specific patches are not released.

So you can patch your ESXi to address specific bugs.

However, if you want to do a major upgrade. From 5.5 U2 to 5.5 u3, then you can download the vendor custom ISOs.


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