ESXi 5, HP P212 and LTO 5 tape drive goes offline

Hi there,

We have purchased a support ticket from VMware but we are still currently going some steps but so far with no succes.

We have an HP DL180 G6 with an HP P212 SAS card and a HP Ultrium 5 Tape Drive attached via SAS cable.

Our backup software is ArcServe Backup R16 running on Windows server 2008 R2 VM, fully patched. All of our equipement is also fully patch, including firmware and bioses.

Our issue is as follows, if we attach the LTO 5 via SCSI Device option and have the device node match the SAS card we can run a backup  fine but the Tape drive will go offline after a backup getting an Unexpted SCSI Sense Code error. I've read over google that others have received this error and haven't found any solutions yet.

Second try, we setup PCI passthourgh directly to our P212 SAS card and the backup will run and will not go offline. Although if you reboot the VM once it will get eternally stuck at the windows boot and will not enter Windows. Safe mode also does not work. If I remove the pci passthrough card then all is well.

We've also tried installing esxi 4.1 on the same server and it's made no difference. We've made a test server (physical), removed the SAS card from the DL180. Ran a backup in the test server and there were no issues at all. So it's obvious that their an issue with esx somewhere.

I really hope that we can find an answer or if someone already has the answer it would be greatlly appreciated. If Vmware solves this issue for me I will post the solution here.

Thank you for your time

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Hi netopp

I have the same problem with my LTO 4 Tape. CAn you help me

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