ESXi 5.5 proper networking

I has occurred to me after all these years I have been setting these hosts up wrong, and would someone correct me please?

and can I now make a VM port group and move the vm's?

Where's Andre?

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Based on your image, there's no redundancy for your Mgmt/vMotion/VM Network portgroups. 

There's 2 different ways you can go about this... You can keep it all in the same vSwitch like you have now, add 2 additional uplinks, and segregate the traffic for each portgroup to a specific VMNIC, listing the others as failover.  OR, separate out the MGMT, vMotion, and VM Network portgroups into separate vSwitches, and setup each wtih dual uplinks.

MY QA Environment has hosts with 8 RJ45 ports on the back each at 1gb.  There are 2 connections for NFS, 2 connections for vMotion, and 4 connections for MGMT & VMNetwork (with 2 VMNICs for each set with the other two being failover and vice versa.) 

Hope this helps!

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I concur with BenLiebowitz‌. Adding additional physical network adapters - if possible - would be the best solution in this case.