ESXi 5.5 host cannot be added to vCenter Server 5.5

Hello All,

I have a strange issue with ESXi 5.5. I have got a new dedicated server from OVH and installed ESXi 5.5 from its template in OVH manager. The issue is that when I try to add this host to my existing vCenter Server located in another data center, I get the following error:

Call "Datacenter.QueryConnectionInfo" for object "Virtual DC 1" on vCenter Server "VCENTER" failed.

I have also tried installing a fresh vCenter Server on a VM hosted on this ESXi host.

DNS settings are configured on the host and VMware vCenter Agent is running on it.

Please assist me to fix this strange issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Check if the vSphere ESXi host are not running version 5.5 Update 3b, if yes, your vCenter will need to be at the same or higher version, see: ESXi 5.5 Update 3b and later hosts are not manageable after an upgrade (2140304) | VMware KB


Richardson Porto
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