ESXi 5.5 build 2302651 PCI Pass-through - GeForce 750Ti?!?


Has anyone got GeForce 750Ti to successfully pass-though to a VM running in ESXi 5.5? I'm getting error 43 in device manager on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit with 4GB of RAM...

PCI Pass-through #1.PNG

If I disable the VMware SVGA 3D card 750Ti comes up without any errors but the screen directly attached to the card is blank (no output)

PCI Pass-through #2.PNG

Other screenshots:

PCI Pass-through #3.PNG

PCI Pass-through #4.PNG

I have successfully passed through Xonar U3 card as well as Startech USB 3.0 card without any problems so the pass-through is working as it should. I hadn't have to mess with .vmx files and all that dark magic, simply created a VM and passed through the hardware I required.

Can anyone help with the GeForce card? Any pointers or input will be very much appreciated!



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