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ESXi 5.5 - Qualcomm Atheros E2200 driver

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my wannabe "server" with a Z87-G45 MSI mainboard and wanted to install ESXi 5.5 on it but ran into a LAN driver issue, no NIC's are recognized.
I've always been using Hyper-V on our customers servers, and also on my home machine, offcourse my home machine ain't with real server hardware but hopefully there is a solution.
We do not use ESXi that often (for now, but will in the future) so I admit that I could use some help from people that have more experience with ESXi than I do :-).

I know this mainboard has the Qualcomm Atheros E2200 chip.
My question is how do I get this working and is there even a driver available ?

I know I should google but I do not seem to succeed in this one cause I cannot find the correct offline-bundle / vib that I need to "inject" into a custom created ISO of ESXi.



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

This probable coz your NIC is not compatible ... rather than trying to find a driver, I'd rather suggest you look for a supported NIC or an inexpensive one which is known as working (e.g. an Intel Pro/1000 GT). Even if you can find a driver, the system could break with each update/patch you apply.

Best regards

Yours, Oscar


Going to add a extra networkcontroller to my system soon as I am back at the company Smiley Happy.

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