ESXi 5.5 Partitioning query

Hi all,

ESXi 5.5.0 build-2718055 installed on SD Card

Basically we had an external company doing some security checks on our infrastructure and they identified the following:

Directory: /var/log is mapped to scratch partition (I think it makes sense as you will have a history of logs surviving reboots);

Directory: /tmp stored within the root file system partition.

They are saying that the /tmp dir is world-writable and any authenticated user to consume all space on the root file system. This could cause a DDoS.

They recommend us to repartition the underlying storage so /var/log and /tmp dirs are located on separate disk partitions.

As far as I understand when installing ESXi5.5 the partitioning is taken care of by the installer, i.e., you cannot partition the drive manually.

What are my options here? Re-point /var/log to another location, remote syslog, etc????

Pretty stuck with this.

Comments are much appreciated.

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