ESXi 5.5 Host - limited number of vSphere Client connections

Dear VM community,

I'm trying to ascertain if there is a limit to the number of vSphere Client connections to an ESXi 5.5 Host?  The situation is, we have a Dell PowerEdge T420, 1 TB storage, 32 GB memory, running ESXi 5.5 and users connect to the host using vSphere Client.  Each user has access to one of sixty virtual machines, all of which are in a sandbox, so the web-client cannot be has to be a direct vSphere Client connection.

After maybe 10 or 11 connections to the host, things start to get very slow, and only one or two more connections will happen before they start timing out.  Have tried to find out if there are ways to increase this, to allow 20 to 30 connections, but haven't found anything yet.

Hoped someone out there might be able to offer some advice.


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