ESXi 4.1 & NPIV

Hardware :

Qlogic 2562 (2 port 8gig FC)

Brocade 320 (8gig FC Switch)

Compellent SAN (8gig Emulex HBA)

ESXi 4.1 Advanced


I am having difficulting with my Qlogic / ESXi server enabling NPIV.  Everything I read says I don't really need to do anything the drivers support it and if it is enabled in the switch config (it is) then NPIV is enabled.

However, in my Brocade 320 config, when I go to Zoning, I see 2 devices under each port the Compellent is connected to because it is using NPIV, however the port the Qlogic is connected to I only see 1.

Connectivity works, I can do RAW volume mappings, however my SAN is complaining because the fabric is not seeing my ESXi server as NPIV enabled and thus 'partially connected'.  What setting am I missing ?

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