ESXi 4.1/MD3000i Missing Target

Hello All,

I have ESXi 4.1 running on a Dell R610 with 4 NIC's connected independently to all 4 controller ports on my MD3000i (dual controllers). These are direct connect with no switch in between and is the only server connected. 3 of my targets connect but controller 1/1 will not. The MD3000i shows 3 connections. The software adapter properties shows all 4 targets under Static Discovery.

I've been working with Dell support and their only answer is that ESXi 4.1 is not supported with the MD3000i at this time and I need to downgrade to 4.0.

I have attached screenshots of my vmk's, the 3 connected targets in storage adapters and the list of static targets discovered for the software initiator.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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MD3000i is fully supported with vSphere 4.1

But you must apply latest firmware version and use switch, not a direct attach.

And you must use 2 vmkernel interfaces not 4 on two logical network.

Have a look on Dell site, there is a configuration guide quite clear.


Andre | | | @Andrea_Mauro
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Hi Andre,

Thanks for the response. The document you referenced is the one I used for the initial configuration and Dell changed it to the current config. Also, the MD3000i documentation specifically states that 4.1 is not supported. Supposedly there is a firmware update coming out "soon". Bottom line is it works anyway. Direct connect is supported by Dell.

The good news is I was able to get the final target to connect. I had to add the second subnet in dynamic discovery and rescan. Originally I had both subnets listed but Dell had me remove all but one. Strange. Anyway, we're up and running at full speed finally.


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