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ESXTOP running in batch mode issue


I am trying to collect some storage metrics using esxtop and am having issues with getting only the information I need and not collecting absolutely everything.

This is the method I am using

run esxtop - click u (for disk view), change the columns I need, Press L and change the Device field to 36 characters so the whole disk GUID is included

Once I am happy, I type W and save to a config file on the same datastore as where I will be pointing esxtop to save the output.  The config file is saved correctly.

I then run the following command: -

esxtop -b -c /vmfs/volumes/5257c861-024561b5-26c5-ac162dbd86d4/esxtop41rc -d 10 > /vmfs/volumes/5257c861-024561b5-26c5-ac162dbd86d4/hrsesxtop3.csv

Esxtop goes off and collects the stats but the csv file contains info on CPU, Memory etc and the disk device field doesn't show 36 characters so my disk stats are useless as I can't identify which store is which.  Excel also chops off most of the data in the CSV file as contains too many columns to display properly.

I haven't entered the -n switch as I want esxtop to run indefintely

Can anyone help?

I would also like to limit my view under the storage view to a single disk device number but when I type l (lowercase L) and enter the device number and press enter, nothing happens....

Thanks for reading


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Have you taken a look at : http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=100495...

Many tx

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