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ESXI custom ISO with OEM drivers

I am trying to create an custom iso to bring in to my SDDC manager and followed the directions from https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-Foundation/4.3/vcf-admin/GUID-D43A3FAC-682E-46F7-8342-03364E...

Get-DepotBaseImages "D:\VCF_ESXI_7.0u2c\VMware-ESXi-7.0U2c-18426014-depot.zip"

Version Vendor Release date
------- ------ ------------
7.0.2-0.20.18426014 VMware, Inc. 08/23/2021 23:00:00
7.0.2-0.15.18295176 VMware, Inc. 08/23/2021 23:00:00


Get-DepotAddons "D:\VCF_ESXI_7.0u2c\lnv-esx-7.0.2-custom-20210717-21C_addon.zip"

Name Version ID Vendor Release date
---- ------- -- ------ ------------
LVO 7.0.2-LVO.702.10.7 LVO:7.0.2-LVO.702.10.7 Lenovo, Inc. 07/16/2021 17:15:18



The issue is that it spits out TWO depot base images. The .20 is a bugfix and the .15 is a security fix. The json fails if I list both, but work if I list one. What is the solution here?

Will fail because two base images are listed:

"add_on": {
"name": "LVO",
"version": "7.0.2-LVO.702.10.7"
"base_image": {
"version": ["7.0.2-0.20.18426014","7.0.2-0.15.18295176"]
"components": null,
"hardware_support": null,
"solutions": null

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