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ESXI 6.7 shutting unexpectedly

Hello everyone, 

I am new to this platform and using VMWare ESXi 6.7 which is installed on HP ProLiant DL360 G7. Since many days this server is shutting down unexpectedly and i want to trace the root cause. Since i am starter, i dont know what kind of logs i need to check and would appreciate if someone help me in digging into the issue.

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Here you find all the logs and details about each one: vSphere Logs location 


Regarding the question, I would check vmkernel logs, hostd, and importantly the syslog. In those, you could find information on any issues in your ESXi.

Also, I would look for
any dump file that could be created while there is a PSOD and restart the ESXi host.

Check here for more information about the dump files: Dump Files 

Hope this could help

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